Oh, Salut. Yes, I Forgot About You.

I’m in France. Again. And I’ll be here until December 19th.

Why am I here? Well, I thought I was here to study, but to be honest I only have one day of classes out of the entire week. So, there’s that. We could also say that I’m taking a gap semester, but still getting credits for school. Not sure that that counts though either. Let’s just say I’m in France, kind of studying, kind of traveling, kind of eating and drinking…and having lots of fun.

It’s been a long time since we’ve chatted. So here’s a short timeline of what’s been going on since…the 15th of July.

  • 15 July – Harry Potter midnight premiere, where it all ended.
  • 23 July – Went to Lake Blue Ridge with my family, which I’m sure I received strange tan lines like always.
  • 15 July – Septoplasty round 3 – which I’m almost 85% sure it was successful.
  • 9 Aug – Got my Visa approved
  • 15 Aug – I turned 21
  • 19 Aug – I realized that I only have 12 days until I leave for France.
  • 26 Aug – Last day of working at North Point with my brother.
  • 30 Aug – Leave for France until December.
  • 4 Sept – Trip to Colmar, France
  • 5 Sept – Council of Europe
  • 7 Sept – Court of Human rights
  • 8 Sept – European Parliament
  • 12 Sept – I met a snail names Jean Jacque Pierre François Benoit Gary Alfred
  • 17 Sept – Happy 75th Birthday to my Papa!
  • 18 Sept – Went to Basel, Switzerland
  • 20 Sept – I find a Mexican restaurant in Strasbourg that’s not rubbish.
  • 22 Sept – I head to Munich for Oktoberfest for one night…good night.
(Yes, I did take this timeline from Twitter (which has pictures) and shortened it – http://twitter.com/#!/jessicarae
And now here we are 27 Sept. I have class today, and I thought that I would update you a little on what’s going on. I’ll try to do better at this for next time.
If you’d like to read one of my required blog posts from my class here are the links :
Oktoberfest! Ja!
When Worlds Collide
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